Banking Should Be Fair

We are a pro-consumer, equity-based, mobile-first alternative to traditional banking — that values people over profit.

The Fair Platform
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We believe in banking that’s secure, accessible and allows customers to keep more in their wallets.

Fair’s platform improves the traditional banking framework with a pro-consumer, membership-based and mobile banking alternative. We offer conscious practices, such as equity-based lending for home, auto, and business plus the elimination of high fees for financial services like investments and retirement.

In everything we do, Fair values people over profit. Our commitment to our values inspires us to donate 2.5% of our profits to support refugee missions globally.

Fair Launch News

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Fair Platform Membership Benefits

Free International Money Transfers

Free Cash Deposit/Withdrawal Services via ATM’s and National Retail Outlets

Early Access to Paycheck Funds
(2 days)

Instant Interest-Free Microloans
(“buy now, pay later”)

Interest-Free Equity Based Loans for Home, Auto and Business

Up to 2% Annual Dividend Account

Interested in Fair's Platform?

Fair values people over profits

We’ve removed hidden fees and compounding, interest-based loans to help customers keep more in their wallets.

Fair will offer a subscription-based model that unlocks a wide range of banking, investment, retirement and equity-based lending services. Members will have access to a suite of financial services including, but not limited to, free international money transfers, interest-free microloans, early access to paycheck funds and up to 2% annual dividends account.

Fair is driven with a purpose to improve communities with an equitable model. We are also dedicated to donating 2.5% of our profits to refugee missions globally.

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