Your money on your

Halal-certified neobanking means you keep more of your money—no hidden fees, overdraft fees, or account minimums.4

Financially secure future at your fingertips

You work hard for your money, let it work hard for you by earning up to 2% – 4% in dividends annually.

Support your loved ones abroad

Send money to your family and friends without worrying about excessive transfer fees.3

Let’s break the bank. Together.

Fair is more than a neobank— we are a rallying cry to people who want to break free from outdated, unfair systems. We come together to choose an ethical neobank and finance partner who puts people over profit and family over fees.

People over profit

Let’s improve how we think, talk, and feel about banking for the better. Together.

People over profit means putting your financial needs before our business profit. Fair will empower you to gain financial freedom with a membership fee that gives you unlimited access to our services.5 Our people-first values are also why we promise to donate 2.5% of all our profit to racial economic initiatives and refugee causes.6

Here's how it works:

Every Fair membership will include:

...compared to some traditional banks:

Transparent banking and financial services with access to 55,000+ Allpoint ATMs with no fees

Hidden fees and unfair charges

Debit cards for kids with no additional fees2

Limited card types with added fees

International money transfers with no fees3
Unnecessary surcharges on international money transfers

High-yield, wealth building accounts that pay up to 4%       dividends annually4

Low-interest generating savings accounts that average 0.15% APY

Up to 2-day early access to direct deposit funds

Limited or no early access to direct deposit funds

All-in-one platform for personal accounts

Multiple accounts and platforms
Proud Member oF

Family over fees

Let’s take control of your finances. Together.

Live worry-free from hidden fees. Become a monthly ($6.99) or annual ($69) member of Fair.5

Lifetime membership is available for a limited time. 

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